1 Year Wedding Management Course

The Certificate in Wedding Management has been designed by industry professionals to equip students with the necessary skills they will need for a successful career in the wedding industry. This practical wedding management course guides students through the steps to planning a wedding and managing a wedding. It also offers guidance for developing a thriving business and schools individuals on industry norms.

All the elements of a wedding have been broken down into lessons, where students will be guided by a facilitator to give them the skills and the confidence needed to achieve success in this competitive industry.

The Wedding Management Course covers most of the courses that we offer on a Part Time Basis with in this 1 Year course.At the end of the course a student will be able to go into the field of Wedding Planning, Flower Arranging, Decor, Wedding Cakes & Stationery.

Modules Covered in the Course

Wedding Planning 

·    Introduction to the world of wedding planning

·      Understanding your market

·      Meeting with your brides

·      How to charge for your services

·      Wedding products and services

·      Scheduling the wedding timelines

·      Scheduling for wedding planner

·      Wedding etiquette

·      Wedding trends

·      Wedding traditions

·      Different types styles of weddings

·      Understanding the bride’s needs

·     The legal side of weddings

·      Business Management

·      Communications

·      Sales Marketing Management

·      Contracts

·      The wedding ceremony

·      Wedding budgets

·      Preparation for managing the wedding day

·      Master plan for the wedding day

·      Wedding Dresses (Types of fabric,  General wedding attire etiquette for the whole retinue including the groom and his party, styles to suit the body types and face shapes, colour combinations, dealing with the bride and her dressfitting and fitting the dress on the day)

·     Wedding venues

·      Music for ceremony and reception

·      Reception venues

·      Coordinating the rehearsal

·      Venue evaluations

·     Dealing with Photographers and know how to work with them

·      Catering

·      ABC of Wine

o  Brief history of South African Wine

o  look at viticulture – cultivars and styles

o  Correct temperatures.

o  Glasses and service

o  Causes and effect stating

o  Tasting anda ssessing white, red wines and showing styles and cultivars

Wedding cakes

·      Introduction to the world of wedding cakes

·      Tools and ingredients needed

·     Suppliers

·      Covering dummy’s, sponge Fruit cakes with plastic icing

·      Making Royal icing

·      Different piped embroidery designs using Royal icing

·      Piped borders using Roya icing

·      How to set up and support and the mechanics of wedding cake

·      Modelling paste for flowers

·      How to make iced flowers including Roses, Blossoms, Trumpet flowers, Daisies and Lilies

·      Butter icing

·      Chocolate ganache

·      The technique of icing cake with soft icing

·      Cupcakes

·      Decorating cake with fresh flowers

·     Chocolate work (Chocolate collars, shavings and panels)

·     Charging for your services

·      Questions to ask when meeting your clients

·      Keeping record

·      Building a portfolio

Flower Arranging and Function Décor

·     Introduction to function décor for weddings and events

·      Tools and equipment needed

·     Table settings for weddings

·     Table settings for functions

·     Chair décor and detail

·     Napkin folding and  accessorising

·     Choosing flowers

·     Flower preparation

·     Seasons and availability of flowers

·     Flower foliage

·     Buying flowers on the auction (we go to the actual flower auction)

·     Buttonholes

·     Corsage

·      Flowers for the brides hair

·      Flower crowns

·      Pew arrangements

·     Ceremony décor and crafts

·     Church flowers

·     Mass arrangements

·     Draping and column flowers

·     Dressing cake with flowers

·     Wiring flowers

·      Dressing gazebo or Chuppa with flowers and draping

·     Modern Bridal bouquets

·     Traditional bouquets

·     Flowers for different centerpiece

·     Colour combinations

·     Reception décor and gala dinner décor

·     Themed events

·     Maintable flowers, draping and decor

·     Hanging arrangements

·     Table layouts

·     The use of vases, candelabras, candles, stands and votives.·     Lighting you arrangements

·     Handling mock-ups

·     Cost cutting

·     Suppliers

Wedding Stationery95

·      Introduction to stationery

·      Different types of stationery needed for wedding or an event.

·      Tools required

·      Layering

·      Assembling of different menus

·      Making of different seating plans

·      Wedding favors

·      Place card styles

·      Personalising the stationery

·      Order of service design

·     Font sizing and design

·      Card Making

·      Unity Candles /Unity Sand Sets

·      Delivery timing

·      Costing for your products

·      The types of glues that should be used for different types of paper and accessories

·      The use of stamps and wax seals

·      The use of ribbons and tying of differnt types of bows

·      The use accessories

·      Making of small gift boxes and bags

·      Printing and formatting techniques

·      Marketing yourself

·      Building portfolio

Wedding & Event Draping

·     Introduction to Function Décor &  Draping

·     Materials and equipment used for draping

·      Material preparation

·      Building a Portfolio

·      Fire Retardation

·      Safety first

·      Marketing yourself

·      Measuring your function space

·     The structure of your venue and how to work with your space

·      Charging for your services

·      Sourcing suppliers

·      Trip to material factory to see all the types of material

·      Draping of a maintable

·      Securing your ropes

·      Draping poles

·      Chair décor draping

·      Draping gazebo

·      Draping backdrops

·      Draping room

·     Working with fairy lights and lighting

·      Arch draping

·      Draping of an actual marquee

First Aid Training

·       All first aid essentials, and is the bench mark of first aid

·       Adult and Child CPR Choking

·       Emergency scene management safety

·       Wounds

·       Bleeding

·       Burns

·       Shock

·       Vital signs

·       Unconsciousness

·       Fainting

·       Fractures

·       Bandaging

·       Splinting

·       Head Spinal Injuries

·       Impaled objects

·       Head to toe

·       Vital signs

·       Electrocution

·       Basic bites stings

·       Poisonings

·       Department of Labour accredited First Aid certificate that is Valid for 3years

Social Media for business – Full training on the usage of:

·       Facebook

·       Piterest

·       Instagram

Public Relations and Marketing 

Catering from a Wedding Planners perspective 

Project Management 

Business Management 

This Course is offered in Johannesburg at our Head Office only. 

Next Available Dates:

Registrations now open – classes start 11 Feburary 2019

11 February 2019

Please email us on info@saschoolofweddings.co.za

Certification and Hours

In order to receive a Skills Program Certificate in Wedding Management, the student will be required to successfully complete all areas of the course and all assignments issued during the duration of the one year course. Each student is also required complete 200 hours of practical experience within the field. Students must also meet the qualifications, standards, ethics and ideals necessary to successfully and responsibly serve future clients as a professional in the wedding industry.


The SA School of Weddings provides support to students who require assistance after the completion of the course. Students are able to bounce ideas around and seek guidance in years to come.