Wedding Cake Baking & Decorating 


This Course covers the fundamentals of making both traditional and contemporary Wedding Cakes. The Course is facilitated by the well-established Kate de Waal from Sugar ‘n Ice – Handmade Cakes of Distinction.

Upon completion of this Course, you will have all the knowledge and guidance for making tiered Wedding Cakes with a variety of different finishes.

At The SA School of Weddings, our aim is to equip you with both professional knowledge and hands on practical experience for you to start your exciting career in Wedding Cakes.


©      Introduction to the World of Wedding Cakes

©      Tools and Ingredients Needed

©      Suppliers

©      Cupcakes

©      Baking

©      Decorating using Buttercream and Fondant

©      Recipes 

©      Cake Baking

©      Function of ingredients

©      Measuring & weighing ingredients

©      Mixing methods

©      Equipment uses and reasoning behind the material used

©      Various favours

©      Allergens & special dietary requirements

©      Problem solving

©      Baking times

©      Different ovens

©      Oven Temperatures

©      Temperature accuracy

©      Hands on Baking – Vanilla, Red Velvet with a Cream Cheese Icing, Moist Chocolate Cake

©      Recipes

©      Cake Sizing

©      Working out the volume of cake batter needed for different cake tins

©      Covering Cakes

©   Preparing your ingredients

©   Fondant Brands

©   Technique of working efficiently fondant

©   Dummy Cakes

©   Sponge & Fruit Cakes with Plastic Icing

©   Cake Boards

©      Cake Decorating

©      Making Royal Icing

©      Different Piped Embroidery Designs using Royal Icing

©      Piped Borders using Royal Icing

©      Moulding Modelling Paste

©      Modelling Paste for Flowers

©      Securing your creations to you cake

©      Applying decorations to cakes

©      How to make Iced Flowers including Roses, Blossoms, Trumpet flowers, Daisies and Lilies

©      The Technique of Icing a Cake with Soft Icing

©      Decorating a Cake with Fresh Flowers

©      Marbling

©      Working with metallics

©      Trendy applications

©      Although this course is very hands on we also do a lot of demonstrations that you can learn from and do at home.

©      Cake Fillings

©      Butter cream

©      Chocolate Ganache

©      Cream Cheese icing

©      Flavour variations for butter cream  

©   Chocolate Work

©      Chocolate collars

©      Chocolate shavings

©      Chocolate panels

©      Chocolate Ganache

©      Drip cakes

©   Cake Assembly

©   Stacking

©   Support and mechanics

©   Travel and delivery

©   Set-up of cake at the venue

©   Tools need for on site

©   Tips and tricks for set-ups

©   Dealing with the venue

©   Cake Stands

©      Meeting with your Couples

©         Initial Meeting

©         Understanding the Needs of the Couple

©         Dealing with Difficult Clients

©         Keeping Record of Discussion

©         Terms and conditions

©         Quoting for your designs

Hygiene in the kitchen

Building a portfolio

    Starting Dates

    Part Time (Once a week for 10 weeks)

    • Registrations are taking place
    • Next course available
    • Saturday’s: 29 January 2022 (Once a week from 13:30 – 16:00) 

    Full Time (5 days)

    • Duration: 5 Days 
    • Time: 9am – 2pm 
    • 24-28 January 2022 or 28 February – 4 March 2022 


    Students are given the brief for their Final Assessment at the beginning of the Course and this is due at the end of the Course.  The School strongly advises that students start working on this brief right from the beginning of the Course so as to stay on trend and utilise time management effectively.

    The Assessment presentations are held on the last Sunday of the Course.  The reason for this being that many of our students work full time and therefore that entire weekend is dedicated to the preparation and presentation of this final Assessment.

    Please note students are required to provide ALL elements for their Assessments on their own account.

    The SA School of Weddings employs a professional photographer for these Assessments so that students have professional images to use for building their portfolios and businesses going forward.

    NB: Please take note that the full time 5 day course does not include an assessment.



    Weekly Part Time: Students are required to have a minimum 80% attendance rate and complete the Final Assessment. The pass mark for the Final Assessment is 65% and students are required to pass both the admin section and the practical Cake Making section successfully.  Upon successful completion of the Course, students will received a Skills Programme Certificate in Wedding Cakes from The SA School of Weddings.

    Intensive Full Time: Students are required to have 100% attendance rate and complete all admin and practical sessions of the course successfully. Upon successful completion of the Course, students will receive a Certificate of Attendance for the 5 day Skills Programme in Wedding Cakes.