Luxury Floral Design & Styling Course

The Certificate in Luxury Floral Design and Décor Styling has been designed by industry professionals with years of experience in luxury weddings and events.

At the SA School of Weddings we believe in quality, hands-on training, ensuring that you walk away comfortable and ready to use your new found skills to showcase a cohesive design for the overall look and feel of your weddings and events.

This particular course has been created to prove that South Africa is on par with international trends and skill-levels. We are ready to take the floral & design industry by storm.

Modules Covered in the Course

  •        Introduction into the world of weddings and design
  •        What is décor styling
  •        Why has Décor styling become such a need in the industry
  •        Researching the décor and the platforms to help with décor conceptualisation
  •        Intention behind design
  •        Research into the history of how certain themes came about.
  •        The Design journey you as a business take your couples on
  •        What is the design conceptualisation process
  •        Creating a mood board
  •        Delivering a mock up.
  •        How to merge every element of design into a table scape
  •        Reviewing a venue and space as the palette of your design
  •        Principals of design: Lighting, 3’s, heights & textures
  •        Table settings
  •        Styles of food service that can influence the floor plan design
  •        Building your team of suppliers and communicating the concept, through to final design.
  •        Décor trends around the world and South Africa.
  •        How every design should reflect back into your niche so that you become a brand
  •        Mechanics of large scale arrangements
  •        Making sure your installation space is structurally sound
  •        Equipment requirements for your installations
  •        Scheduling your installations
  •        Floral chandeliers
  •        Suspended arrangements
  •        Dramatic Mass Arrangements
  •        Techniques and tips of doing luxury designs in different ways
  •        Mechanics and different techniques behind creating flower walls
  •        Making of different types of flower walls
  •        Dramatic Trailing flower runners
  •        Costing a luxury floral design installations


  •  Course Runs from 15th – 17th October 2019 (3 Full Days Consecutively 9am – 5pm)
  • Cocktail Evening on the 16th October with Colin Cowie (from New York) at The Saxon
  • Gala Dinner on the evening of the 17th October 2019 in association with Ubuntu Pathways.

Entrance Requirements

Previous flower arranging experience, a positive attitude and  a passion for learning new skills.


Skills Program Certificate in Luxury Floral Design and Décor Styling from The SA School of Weddings.


All printed material and flowers required for the Course are supplied by The SA School of Weddings.  When doing table settings using our décor elements, these remain the property of The SA School of Weddings. Students are more than welcome to work with their own vases and décor elements should they wish to take them home.