Flower Arranging & Function Decor Course Outline

The Skills Programme Certificate in Flower Arranging and Function Décor is designed specifically for those interested in entering and advancing within the Flower and Décor Industry.

Your facilitator has over 25 years of floristry experience, allowing you the opportunity to gain invaluable insight into this exciting avenue through her knowledge and experience, along with Khali Collins (nee De Villiers), aka The wedding Specialist, innovative and modern designs currently trending.

The course is extremely practical whereby you will physically be doing the flower arrangements and setting up of the décor elements.

Modules Covered In The Course

  • Introduction to Function Décor for Weddings and Events
  • Tools and Equipment Needed
  • Napkin Folding and Accessorising
  • Choosing Flowers
  • Flower Preparation & Conditioning
  • Seasons and Availability of Flowers
  • Flower Foliage
  • Wiring Flowers
  • Buying Flowers at the Auction (Includes site visit to the Auction)
  • Where to get your Flowers and Floral Supplies
  • Church & Ceremony Flowers and Arrangements
    • Pew Flowers
    • Mass Arrangements
    • Ceremony Décor and Crafts
    • Dressing a Gazebo or Chuppa with Flowers and Draping
  • The Bridal Party
    • Corsages
    • Buttonholes
    • Flowers for the Brides Hair
    • Hair Garlands
    • Different Types of Bouquets
      • Modern Bridal Bouquets
      • Traditional Bouquets
      • Sheath Bouquets
      • Hand-Ties Bouquets
      • Retinue Bouquets
  • Draping and Column Flowers
  • Dressing a Cake with Flowers
  • Flowers for Different Centrepieces
  • Colour Combinations and the Psychology of Colour at Weddings
  • Reception Décor and Gala Dinner Décor
  • Main Table Flowers, Draping and Decor
  • Hanging Arrangements
  • Table Layouts
  • Use of Vases, Candelabras, Candles, Stands and Votives
  • Lighting your Arrangements
  • Draping
  • Measuring your Function Space
  • The Structure of your Venue and how to Work with the Space
  • Charging for your Services
  • Securing of Ropes
  • Draping a Gazebo
  • Backdrops
  • Draping of a Room
  • Working with Fairy Lights and Lighting
  • Cost Cutting
  • Marketing
  • Facebook & Twitter Workshop
  • Social Media
  • Branding
  • Establishing your Target Market
  • Trend Spotting
  • Marketing your Business Effectively
  • Building a Portfolio
  • Creating Styled Shoots
  • Meeting with your Couples
    • Initial Meeting
    • Questions to Ask your Clients
    • Styling Weddings & Creating Mood Boards for your Clients
    • Planning of Future Meetings
    • Final Meetings
    • Pulling the Final Look Together
    • Handling Mock Ups
    • Understanding the Needs of the Couple
    • Dealing with Difficult Clients
  • How to Charge for your Services
    • Creating a Personal quotation in Line with your Services
    • Important Items to Include
    • Defining your Scope of Responsibilities
    • Your Terms and Conditions
    • How to Sell your Services
    • Contracts
    • Fee Structure and Guidance
  • Admin Behind the Scenes
  • Ordering Flowers & Dealing with Suppliers

Duration Options

Part Time – Weekly Course

5 Months – Once a Week

  • JHB 
    • Thursday Evenings (6pm – 9pm)
    • Saturday Mornings (9am – 12pm)
  • PTA 
    • Tuesday Evenings (6pm – 9pm)

This course is for students situated in or near Johannesburg or Pretoria. The part time option is an excellent opportunity for students to go home each week and practice what they have learned.

You will be required to make one Saturday available for our trip to the Auction and Suppliers and the Final Assessment will be done on the last Sunday of the Course (as most people are working and need to do the preparation on the preceding Saturday).

Starting Date

  • JHB – Olivedale
    • Wednesday: 7 June 2017 (6-9pm)
    • Saturday:  5 August 2017 (9am-12pm)
  • PTA – Menlyn
    • Tuesday: 8 August 2017 (6-9pm)

Full Time  – Intensive course

10 Full Days Consecutively (8:30am – 4pm)

This course is available to students outside of Gauteng unable to attend once a week due to the distances involved.

Please note this is exactly the same as the Weekly Part Time Course and is therefore very intensive.  Students attending this Course are strongly advised to practice what they have learned independently after the course.

Starting Date

  • JHB- Olivedale
    • 15 – 24 May 2017


All printed material and flowers required for the Course are supplied by The SA School of Weddings.  When doing table settings using our décor elements, these remain the property of The SA School of Weddings. Students are more than welcome to work with their own vases and décor elements should they wish to take them home.

Students will be required to bring the following to each Class:

  • Flower Cutters
  • Sharp Knife
  • Cloth
  • Ruler (30cm) or Tape Measure
  • Stapler
  • Apron
  • Camera

Should students leave any of these tools behind, they will need to share with a classmate.  We are very strict on this rule of being well equipped at all times as it prepares students for the demands of the industry.

Assessments  – Part Time Only

Students are given the brief for their Final Assessment at the beginning of the Course and this is due at the end of the Course.  The School strongly advises that students start working on this brief right from the beginning of the Course so as to stay on trend and utilise time management effectively.

The Assessment presentations are held on the last Sunday of the Course.  The reason for this being that many of our students work full time and therefore that entire weekend is dedicated to the preparation and presentation of this final Assessment.

Please note students are required to provide ALL elements for their Assessments on their own account.

The SA School of Weddings employs a professional photographer for these Assessments so that students have professional images to use for building their portfolios and businesses going forward.


The SA School of Weddings provides support for students requiring assistance at any stage after the completion of the Course. This is an ideal opportunity for students to bounce ideas around and seek guidance.


Part Time – Weekly Course

In order to receive a Skills Programme Certificate in Flower Arranging and Function Décor from The SA School of Weddings, students are required to successfully complete all arrangements and practical elements covered within the 5 months.  A minimum of 90% attendance is required.
Students are required to achieve a pass mark of 70% for the presentation, practical & admin sections of the course in order to pass successfully.
Only upon successful completion of the 4 month Course, students will receive their Skills Programme Certificate in Flower Arranging and Function Décor.

Full Time Course – Intensive

In order to successfully complete the course at The SA School of Weddings, students are required to successfully complete all arrangements and practical elements covered within the 10 days.  100% attendance is required.
Only upon successful completion of the Course will students will receive a Certificate of Attendance for the 10 Day Flower Arranging and Function Décor Course.


Registration Fee: R2500
The registration fee is an admin fee and is a security deposit to secure your space in the class.
Please note that this is a non-refundable fee and is not included in the total Course fees.

Part Time Fee – Weekly Course

Cost Per Month: R2250 x 5 months
Course fees are all inclusive of printed material and flowers for all classes during the duration of the course
Course Fee: R11250

 Full Time Course Fee – Intensive

Course fees are all inclusive of printed material and flowers for all classes during the duration of the course
Course Fee: R11250
Full payment must be done by the 5th class

Enrolment Procedure

You will need to complete the following in order to register for the course:

  • Send us a valid copy of your ID or passport
  • Signed and completed Enrolment Contract (attached)
  • Proof of payment of R2500 Registration Fee
  • Email Address :
  • Reference: Name & Surname

Once your registration is complete, you will receive a Welcome Letter to The SA School of Weddings together with your student number.

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