Gone are the days of raising a white flag in the yard to signal to country folks that a wedding is coming up. The rise of the digital era has brought with it life-changing tools, apps and gadgets that surpass geographical divides; and are downright must-haves for every wedding planner.

While there are gadgets that are vital for the entire planning process from start to end, some are critical to have just for wedding day. Their presence – or absence thereof – can make a difference on the success of the event moving from good to great.
Here is our list of the ultimate wedding planner tools, apps and gadgets you’ve got to consider getting for the wedding day.

1. Brandrocket (social printers)
Social media has given rise to easy sharing of images. Guests are always keen to share wedding photos on the Instagram and Twitter platforms. A touch screen kiosk at the venue allows for the easy instant printing of attendees’ photos as they are taken (when someone hashtags your wedding). The rentable devices also allow you to add a wedding logo to personalise the event.

2. LiveLens (app)
LiveLens is an app that allows you to live-stream the entire wedding, thereby allowing those who could not make it to watch the event as it happens from wherever they may be at that particular time.

3. GoPro
It’s not just another versatile camera, but one that allows the wedding party to capture the often uncaptured angles and moments. GoPro can be placed in a bouquet or other ingenious locations. It is great for filming those sneaky behind the scenes moments that bring the occasion to life.

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