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A Little About Us…

The School of Weddings was founded in 2009 by Khali Collins (now de Villiers) in an attempt to educate interested students looking at a career in the wedding and events industry about the real-life prospects of such a career. Khali has organized many successful events throughout the course of her 10-year career as The Wedding Specialist and has gained an excellent reputation in the wedding industry, together with the respect of other industry leaders. Her love for weddings and passion for creating that perfect day are qualities she naturally passes onto her students.

Khali has previously been involved in the design and implementation of courses in Conference, Exhibition, and Events Management for a national tertiary education group. Thus, in addition to her extensive knowledge of the wedding industry, Khali is well equipped to educate future professionals.

The aim of the SA School of Weddings is to provide the Industry with both knowledge-based and experienced employees/small business owners at the end of their chosen Course.

The SA School of Weddings is the only industry-endorsed wedding planning school and has set the benchmark for quality wedding planning courses within the wedding industry.

All wedding planning courses offered by The SA School of Weddings are designed by industry professionals to equip future wedding industry leaders with the skills they will need for a successful career. The demands and requirements upon the students are not to be underestimated as the attendance and pass marks are of a very high standard, so as to give the students a greater insight and understanding of what will be expected from them in the workplace.

Some students succeed, some fail, but in all aspects, the School continues to generate employable students that benefit the Industry, either through full-time employment or starting their own small businesses with the knowledge and standards expected of them.

Event management courses

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