Wedding & Event Draping Course

Draping is a great way to enhance any event. Draping can cover unsightly areas, change the colour palette of an event space or stand as a backdrop to a main table at a wedding or a stage.

Create an elegant ambience with stylish draping that will leave a lasting impression

Whether you want to do fancy, sophisticated, subtle or the most devilishly decadent, fairy lit function backdrop, this course will assist you in allowing your imagination run wild. You will work with a range of different fabrics.

Modules Covered in the Course

    • Introduction to Draping
    • Materials and equipment used for draping
    • Material preparation
    • Fire Retardation
    • Safety first
    • Measuring your function space
    • The structure of your venue and how to work with your space
    • Charging for your services
    • Sourcing suppliers
    • Trip to a material factory to see all the types of material
    • Draping of a main table
    • Securing your ropes
    • Draping poles
    • Chair décor & draping
    • Draping a gazebo
    • Draping backdrops
    • Draping a room
    • Working with Fairy lights and lighting
    • Working with colour palettes
    • Arch draping & decor
    • Draping of an actual marquee
    • Marketing yourself
    • Social Media for your business
    • Costs of running a décor business
    • Building a portfolio
    • Small business management
    • Handling clients & meetings
    • Basic First aid Course

Starting Date/s:

  • Part Time – 8 Weeks (Saturday 1pm – 4pm)
    • 26  January 2020
  • Full Time – 5 days (9am – 3pm)
    • 7 – 11 August 2019


The SA School of Weddings provides students who require assistance at any stage after the completion of the course. Students are able to bounce ideas around and seek guidance where needed.


Students who successfully complete the course will receive a Skills program certificate in Draping as well as a Basic First Aid certificate (valid for 2years).

In order to successfully pass this course you will need to complete all the practical applications of the course and have 100% attendance.

Student are also required to be at class 15min before class starts.