Styled Shoot done by The Johannesburg Wedding Planning & Styling Students.


We were inspired by the idea of a medieval time period, like that in the popular TV Series ‘Game of Thrones.’ Our outward vision screamed fairytale romance, but on the inside, we imagined a bride so traditionally uncharacteristic, a loyal yet fiercely independent and strong heroine with a spirit of a warrior.

The photographs outline a fantasy adventure. Our headstrong bride decides not to marry the man chosen for her by her father. Instead, she marries someone of her own choosing, against the wishes of her parents. The photos here narrate the journey after her decision to elope, where she travels a great distance over dangerous terrain on her favourite stallion, to meet her groom at a secret location. The secluded wedding takes place far from the walls of her familiar kingdom, a place where she was guaranteed safety and royalty, but one where she felt imprisoned by her family.

Our bride bears a remarkable resemblance to her mother – an overbearing and miserable woman who even on her wedding day two decades prior, couldn’t be persuaded to force a smile. Even though our bride was just a small child at the time, vivid memories of the cheerless day were etched into her memory and she vowed to follow a much happier matrimonial path than her miserable matriarch.

These images portray the sorrowful recollections our bride has of her parents’ grievous union.


Dress : Biji LaMaison

Make-up : Illuminations – Make up by Nicole Williams

Photographer : Oliver Hirtenfelder – Olivers Photos

Decor Hire : Event Inspirations & Funxion Fusion

Venue :  Inanda Country Base in Kyalami, Johannesburg.

Stationery : Bubbly Boo

Cake : Wicked Creations

Flowers supplied by : The Wedding Specialist

Hair : Mark Oosthuizen at Bellezza Hair, Health and Beauty

Set up :  Shannon Rautenbach, Tamsin Oosthuizen, Nicole Williams, Dominique Chiesa, Lee-Ann Effune, Emogene Martins, Sonia Monteiro, Carla-Maria Quaglia, Duaine Burger, Batandwa Simelane (Wedding Planning and Styling Students at The SA School of Weddings)

Floral Design: Shannon Rautenbach, Dominique Chiesa, Sonia Monteiro (Wedding Planning and Styling Students at The SA School of Weddings)

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